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Glacé (2016)

En este escalofriante thriller, el investigador Martin Servaz persigue a un perverso asesino en serie tras un macabro hallazgo en los Pirineos franceses.
Creador Gérard Carré, Pascal Chaumeil, Caroline Van Ruymbeke
Actores Charles Berling, Julia Piaton, Pascal Greggory
País France

Episode 5

Chaperon, the mayor of Saint-Martin, was killed in his turn. And the killer once again escaped from Servaz and Ziegler. They discover unsustainable videos featuring Chaperon, Perrot and Garaudy, as well as two other predators, tracking teenagers as wild beasts. Who are the two unknowns? Who could have decided to take revenge 15 years later? Diane eventually obtained from Hirtmann the place where her sister Fabienne was buried. Frightened by guilt, Servaz reveals his responsibility in the death of the latter.
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