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Vice (2013)

Serie periodística de HBO con historias sorprendentes e impactantes de todo el mundo. VICE rompe las barreras del decoro para cubrir hechos como asesinatos políticos en Filipinas, la locura por el Sumo en Senegal, el armamento nuclear en Cachemira. Con un enfoque audaz e inédito en televisión, se muestran historias aterradoras, costumbres absurdas y extrañas y prácticas desconocidas.
Actores Shane Smith, Gianna Toboni, Thomas Morton, Isobel Yeung

Doom Boom & Unfair

"Doom Boom" Throughout human history, doomsayers--people predicting the end of the world--have lived largely on the fringes of society. Today, a doomsday industry is booming thanks to TV shows, movies, hyper-partisan politics and the news media. With the country's collective anxiety on the rise, even the nation's wealthiest people are jumping on board, spending millions of dollars on survival readiness in preparation for unknown calamities. We sent Thomas Morton to see how people across the country are planning to weather the coming storm.

"Unfair" India is home to Bollywood, the world's most prolific movie industry. For those who dream of stardom, landing a leading role may depend on the color of your skin. India's preference for fair skin has given rise to a skin-lightening industry worth nearly $500 million dollars. Gianna Toboni heads to Mumbai to find out how this cultural bias is fueling the booming business of fairer skin.
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