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The Big Valley (1965)

Setting is the 1870s in California's gorgeous San Joaquin Valley, The Big Valley is the story of Stockton's richest and most powerful family, The Barkley's. Lead by the family matriarch and widow Victoria Barkley, they live on the Barkley Ranch managing their cattle herd, mines, citrus groves and logging camps.Victoria's four adult brood consists of her two sons Jarrod and Nick, daughter Audra and step-son Heath. Jarrod, a prominent lawyer, handles all of the families legal issues and manages his two law offices in Stockton and San Francisco. Nick, a strong built rancher, physically manages the family's holdings. Nick is aggressive, out-spoken and at times hot-headed. Victoria's youngest child is her beautiful daughter Audra. Audra is protected by all of the family members. Audra is very sensitive, caring, loves horses, and is a very talented rider. Heath, Victoria's step-son, helps Nick manage the family's processions.
Actores Richard Long, Peter Breck, Lee Majors
País USA

The Iron Box

While in a strange town, Heath and Nick buy a bull from a man who turns around and has them arrested for stealing it. The sherrif catches up to them while they sit around their campfire, and a fight ensues in which Heath badly burns his leg in the fire. The crooked sheriff takes them to a road gang prison to await trail. . .in a few months!! The cruel warden refuses to allow Heath a doctor and makes him work alongside the others. They soon find out the real reason that innocent drifters are arrested and imprisoned, free work labour for the man whom the Barkley brothers had bought the bull from. Meanwhile, at home Jarrod has found out what has happened to his brothers and heads out after them. Arriving at the prison he demands to see them and when the warden refuses he threatens him with legal action if he is not allowed to see his clients. After he speaks with them he rides off to find the circuit judge. Getting scared that the truth will come out now that he realizes who he's dealing
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