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Wire in the Blood (2002)

Based on the Val McDermid novels, the show follows the Major Incident Team of Bradfield Metropolitan Police's CID, focusing on the assistance provided to the detectives by clinical psychologist and serial offender profiler Dr Tony Hill.
Actores Robson Green, Mark Letheren, Emma Handy
País UK

The Mermaids Singing (2)

The police focus on the gay scene while Tony thinks the killer is sending a message on the body of his victim. Carol builds a strong relationship with Tony and uses all her police skill to produce as much evidence as possible, and then Tony analyses every detail putting himself in the killer's shoes until he can almost sense the killings themselves.As Tony nears the solution, having discovered the ultimate profile of the killer they're pursuing, he becomes the unsuspecting target of the killer himself. Now the close relationship he's built up with Carol over this case won't just be about catching the killer - Tony now depends on her for his very life.This case is a battle of wits and wills in which Tony and Carol have to use every ounce of their professional skill and personal nerve to survive.
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