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Funny or Die Presents... (2009)

'Funny or die' es el lugar perfecto en el que los cómicos más agudos y perversos de la industria del entretenimiento dan rienda suelta a su imaginación a la hora de crear sketches, animaciones y vídeos-clips. Todo esto, unido a los cameos de estrellas invitadas, elevan el término 'COMEDIA' a un nivel nunca visto en televisión.
Actores Steve Tom, Rob Huebel, Christine Scott Bennett
País USA

Drunk History: Frederick Douglass; Safety Saw; Playground Politics: Africa; Designated Driver; Save the Professor

You had something better to do last Friday at midnight? Well, here's what you missed in the first episode of Funny or Die Presents: (warning, spoilers!) * Will Ferrell as Abraham Lincoln and Don Cheadle as Frederick Douglass work on racial inequalities, as narrated by a very drunk Jen Kirkman * This guy takes Ecstasy and then some bad things happen to him like his head gets cut off but it does not negatively impact his trip * A T-shirt outparties a bunch of Parrotheads at a Margaritaville * A baby who has her own rocketship fights evil and saves Fred Willard * The United States acquires mining rights in Africa with a candy bar * Some guys are mean to another guy who is sad at his wife's funeral * Don't entrust your penis' safety to a mouse * Rob Riggle is not a great friend to have when he's drunk and demands that you drive him around even though you were in the middle of pampering yourself with a nice candlelit bubble bath * What if children's toy racing car sets had to be environmentally responsible?
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