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The Kids in the Hall (1988)

Serie de TV (1988-1994) de un grupo de humor canadiense que realizan sketches de humor bizarro y extra├▒os giros argumentales.
Creador John Fortenberry, Kevin McDonald
Actores Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald
País Canada


Skits:- Stewardesses in Diner (SKBD)(3): they burst in asking if anyone can fly a plane - New Development in the Sauna (DS)(3): steam room talk (Danny Husk) - Bigot Cabbie -- Blue Jays (KM)(3): the Bigot cabbie blames "certain people" when the Blue Jays lose (Bigot Cabbie) - Chicken Lady at Strip Show (all)(3): the freaks attends a strip show and see Rooster Boy (Chicken Lady, Bearded Lady, Slimy MC) - Psycho Cabbie (KSM)(3): same customer, but this cabbie shoots other cars and takes unwanted short cuts (Bigot Cabbie, Psycho Cabbie) - Police Department (SMB)(3): 7:36 p.m. West End Mall - they withstand some blatant abuse (Police Department) - Farmers in a Diner (DK)(3): two farmers discuss celebrities - My Pen! (all+J)(3): office worker has his pen taken (Psycho Cabbie) - Police Department (SM)(3): 9:52 p.m. Fellow Lane - they discuss a movie over a dead body (Police Department)
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