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The Kids in the Hall (1988)

Serie de TV (1988-1994) de un grupo de humor canadiense que realizan sketches de humor bizarro y extra├▒os giros argumentales.
Creador John Fortenberry, Kevin McDonald
Actores Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald
País Canada


- Fiore Parfums Commercial (S)(4): commercial of Fiore Parfums (Francesca Fiore) - Whores (SK)(4): "Are you holding out on me?" (Maudre, Rudy) - The Fantasy Sexual Indescretion (BKM)(4): woman who has sexual fantasies reveals it to her boyfriend - I'm Turning Assistant into a Rat (DMK)(4): the man who is turning his assistant into a rat - Whores (DSK)(4): turning tricks for asthma medication (Whores, Rudy) - Can You Dig It? (B) (4): He dances with strobe lighting - Phil from the Warehouse with the Pains in his Head (MSB)(4): Phil pesters a man in a shoe store - Whores (SK)(4): John Wayne imitation (Maudre, Rudy) - The "Will Do" Guy in Prison (KDM)(4): Dean in prison (Dean, Lex)
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