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Mystery Science Theater 3000 (1988)

Cuando el disparatado Doctor Clayton Forrester y su igualmente chiflado asistente Frank se aburren de su trabajo en el centro de investigaciones Deep 13 secuestran al ordenanza, Joel, y lo envían al espacio en el Satellite of Love. Estando en el espacio, Joel construye a Tom Servo y Crow T., que serán sus amigos robot y le ayudarán a resistir el ataque de películas de serie "Z" que los desquiciados científicos le están forzando a ver.
Creador Joel Hodgson
Actores Joel Hodgson, Michael J. Nelson, Trace Beaulieu
País USA

Revenge of the Creature

Movie Plot: A mutant fish-man escapes from captivity at a Florida aquarium.Intro: Mike, Servo, and Gypsy return to the SOL to find Crow has been there alone for a VERY long time. Segment One: The crew discovers that the year is now 2525, and the earth is being ruled by apes. They are contacted by Professor Bobo and Dr. peanut, two ape scientists. Following orders from their Lawgiver, they sent the SOL the movie. Segment Two: Crow introduces us to the Nanites, tiny robots that have infested the SOL, and are helping Servo fix the ship. Segment Three: An alien named Phil that Servo did business with comes looking for him. Segment Four: Mike and the 'bots catch up with what they've been doing before returning to the SOL. Segment Five: We discover that Mike's ancestors are responsible for the ape takeover. On Ape Earth, we learn that the Lawgiver is Pearl Forrester, who was cryogenically frozen for 500 years. She has become more evil than she was before and she vows to continue.Original film made in 1955.
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