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Top Boy (2011)

Dushane y Sully son dos jóvenes traficantes de droga de ascendencia jamaicana, que aspirando a crecer en el negocio se alían con el poderoso Bobby Raikes. En su barrio también está Ra'Nell, un chico de 13 años cuya madre es ingresada en un hospital psiquiátrico, y que ayudará a una vecina con su plantación de marihuana casera.
Creador Ronan Bennett
Actores Ashley Walters, Kane Robinson, Shone Romulus
País UK

Episode 1

Charming, sexy and clever, 27-year-old Dushane has finally made it as 'Top Boy', and is moving into the big time with boss Joe. But Dushane's former right-hand man Sully is now a potentially dangerous rival with a new partner-in-crime, violent and volatile Mike. When the police discover the body of arch-rival Kamale, Dushane, Sully and Dris are arrested for the murder, and Dushane meets beautiful and smart solicitor Rhianna who proves to be more than a match for the police. With trials for the district youth squad coming up, 15-year-old Ra'Nell is keeping his head down, but his best friend Gem gets caught up in events that he can't control. Ra'Nell's mother Lisa makes a new start after her nervous breakdown by running a hair salon with her friend Zoe. But a conversation with a property developer proves troubling...
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